TexMex Love

Hello and Hola!   This is where we shout out to 3 organizations we really love and support.  I have worked with them personally for years.  One is in Tex, one is in Mex and one is planetary!  They can use all the help they can get.  Please consider checking them out by clicking the links below and donate if you are so moved…

Tex – Austin Bully Butt Rescue – Open Drooling Mouths, Open Homes – Just kidding.  These guys remove English Bulldogs from rescue centers and put them in foster homes while looking for furrever homes.  Since Bulldogs need extra care (aka: extra $) homes aren’t always as easy to find.  This organization is Deuce approved.    http://www.austinbullybuttrescue.com/

Mex – Brazos Abiertos – Open Arms, Open Hearts, Open Minds – helping Yucatan youth to prevent teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and to provide counseling and care to those already affected.  http://www.fundacionbai.com/

Planet – One Year No Waste – Blog post by my friend Julia who has pulled together a team of like-minded peeps from around the globe to research and share ways that everyone can become a more sustainable consumer within one year.  26 fun new posts coming every other week starting September 1, 2019!  Check it out at https://oneyearnowaste.com/