Allison Nevins hand punching papel picado in Mexico.
Hola and hello! I hope everyone is staying warm out there in TexMexlandia!! This little announcement might warm your heart
Guadalupe Reyes
***WARNING*** This is a breakdown of events that some people take very seriously, like the 8 pound 6 oz baby
Please refer to my Day of the Dead Fiesta blog post before reading this... What can I say, I hate
OK, hopefully you read about the first batch of bad asses Méxicana Chingonas in my last post. In case not,
Hand made pasta tiles with Allison Nevins of TexMex Fun Stuff.
Follow me to the most famous pasta tile factory in México. Mosaicos La Peninsular – Beautiful European imports which became
Yalitza Aparicio
This is my list of the most Badass Chingonas of México who shaped and/or continue to shape this beautiful country.