About Us


Hola and Hello! Welcome to TexMex Fun Stuff (TMFS)! Glad to have you! We are currently shopping for more extraordinary authentic handmade fun stuff from all over Central Mexico! Please take in all the color and fiesta fun we currently provide and let us know what we need more of! By we I mean me.  Hi.  I’m Allison and I’m the Boss Lady of this here website.  I hope you like stuff from Mexico as much as I do because that’s pretty much all “we” got.  Let me know if you have suggestions that my husband can help you with, because my therapist seemed pretty serious when she told me to stop “people-pleasing“.

Use our Contact Us page to tell us what I’m doing right or what my husband can improve upon.

In all seriousness, my sweet, website-building husband and I lived in Texas forever and then in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico for 5 years.  I opened a store there with a great girlfriend of mine and we created “El Estudio – Home Decor and Fun Stuff!


When hubs and I had to move back to Texas, I was already so in love with buying and then reselling the amazing decor and gift items from our artists all over Mexico that I felt compelled to keep the buying and selling going!  Hence, TexMex Fun Stuff! Amazon Prime approved, baby!

I basically obsess over Mexican haciendas.  Haciendas are furnished with big rustic pieces and accented with lots of bold, colorful and exotic smaller pieces.  And stripper catrinas.  I want to keep finding those items and bringing them to the proverbial you.  In the meantime, we have smaller items that are fun, festive, authentically handmade in Mexico!

So there.
Gracias and Thanks!