Hand made pasta tiles with Allison Nevins of TexMex Fun Stuff.
Follow me to the most famous pasta tile factory in México. Mosaicos La Peninsular – Beautiful European imports which became
Yalitza Aparicio
This is my list of the most Badass Chingonas of México who shaped and/or continue to shape this beautiful country.
Kids constructing the Huichol's ojo de Dios from popsicle sticks.
Y'all probably know that I am a big fan of Mexican Pueblos Magicos and of Papel Picado. The one town
My favorite amazing Mexico instagram feeds
These are my 18 favorite amazing Mexico Instagram feeds that I follow.
Milagros hand made onto a Sacred Heart.
As Mr. TexMex Fun Stuff and I sit "trapped" in our AirBnB in Puerto Vallarta, we realized that I haven't
The Basilica of the Virgen de Guadalupe
I see this Virgin of Guadalupe broad everywhere. She is insanely iconic to Mexican culture...but why? The Virgin Mary as