Set of 3 Mini Mexican Star Piñatas – Rainbow Foldable and Festive Party Decorations



Beautiful and Colorful Mexican Star Pinatas, Great Decor for Kids’and Adults’Birthday Parties, New Years events and Other Celebrations.

Includes 3 Individually Wrapped Multicoloured Stars Each Measuring 30 cm From Tassel to Tassel.

Easy to Assemble! Just Unfold, Snap at the Top and Hang with Included Ribbon

Handmade of Recycled Cardboard, Foil and Paper- Sustainable Fun!

Perfect Fiesta Theme Decor. Also great party guest gift giveaways when celebrating Day of the Dead/Dia de Muertos, Coco-Theme birthdays and/or Cinco de Mayo.

Every party is just a little more festive with piñatas! These minis don’t hold candy, but serve as eye candy dangling from the rafters!

They are almost too pretty to beat with a stick, but if you must, you must. Super colorful and lightweight and made in Puebla, Puebla, Mexico – fun is sure to occur!

Our traditional star piñata is handmade in Mexico by talented artisans who are passionate about making beautiful, high-quality pinatas. Whether you’re enjoying an intimate family gathering, celebrating a birthday, partying it up for Cinco de Mayo, Christmas or ringing in the New Year, this gorgeous pinata is sure to create fun-filled memories for years to come!


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