Coco-Inspired Fiesta Horizontal Papel Picado Flags Large Rainbow PAPER



Artists from Puebla Were Inspired by Coco and Created a Rainbow Row of Images from the Movie!

A Big Strand of Fun – Easy to Hang and 16 Feet Long – Made by Mexican Artists

Handmade Punched Paper Flags or Papel Picado Banderas in Every Color of the Rainbow!

Delicate Intricate and Beautiful for birthdays, quincineras, Cinco de Mayo, holidays, parties and other celebrations

Made out of tissue paper, each flag depicts scenes from Coco: Guitars, Miguel and Hector, Day of the Dead Characters, Abuelita Coco and of course Mariachis!

Hangs 16 feet Long – Each flag is 13.5″ tall and 17″ wide and 10 are included.


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