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  • Colorful Fun Fiesta Party Piñata

    Colorful and Foldable Party Piñata Decoration- Large and Tassel-y!

    Necessary in my Life
  • Brilliant boozy gift piñatas

    El Jefe! A Tequila Bottle Full of Tequila! (15 Bottles Pre-loaded)

    Booze Me
  • Brilliant boozy gift piñatas

    Margarita-Yata! NIPYATA!® (15 Bottles Pre-loaded)

    Sale! $109.00 $79.99
    Fill 'Er Up!
  • XL Pinata in Cantina

    Mexican Star Piñata – JUMBO Rainbow – Colorful Foldable and Festive for Every Party/Fiesta!

    Oh Damn!
  • Boozy Customizable Piñata

    The #1 Adult Booze Piñata: The Stay Classy Burrito®! (15 Bottles Pre-loaded)

    Stayin' Classy
  • Brilliant boozy gift piñatas

    The Adult Booze Piñata: El Toro Loco®! (12 Bottles Pre-loaded)

  • Brilliant boozy gift piñatas

    The Covid-Yata!® World Tour 2020 (15 Bottles Pre-loaded)

    Safety First!
  • Lime and tequila pinata

    The JAJA® Tequila Lime NIPYATA!® (12 Bottles Pre-loaded)

    Lime Me!
  • Brilliant boozy gift piñatas

    The Twisted Sugar Skull! La Calaca!! (15 Bottles Pre-loaded)

    Pour Some Sugar

Showing all 9 results